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The Judge in the Boy Scouts bankruptcy has issued her ruling to confirm the Bankruptcy agreement. It will now be reviewed by the District Court on February 9 and 10. The TCC will be participants advocating for the best interests of all Survivors. Please be aware that District Court proceedings occur in-person only and are not available to be viewed remotely (via Zoom for example). All updates, and the District Court's decision when it is announced, will be posted here so please check back.

The Confirmation Opinion may be found here.

The Confirmation Order may be found here.
All other general questions can be emailed to:

Trust Distribution and Independent Review Process

For your convenience, the above 50-minute video has been broken down in time stamps below:

00:00 - General Overview
04:00 - Three Paths to Have Your Claims Reviewed
05:11 - Electing the $3500 Expedited Distribution
08:00 - Flow Chart and Trust Claim Process Overview
15:46 - Application of Claims Matrix and Scaling Factors
24:00 - Reconsideration of Trust Claim ($1000 admin fee)
27:30 - Flow Chart for Independent Review
28:55 - Overview of Independent Review
32:00 - Independent Review Process
35:20 - Requirements for Independent Review
39:45 - Administrative Fee for Independent Review
43:45 - Questions and Conclusion

Important Dates and Upcoming Hearings

Links to hearings via Zoom will be listed here as soon as the Bankruptcy Court issues them, which is generally two days before the hearing.


Plan, Disclosure Statement, TCC Presentation on Solicitation and Ballots, and TCC Letter


Links to Documents and Websites


Now that the Bankruptcy Court has approved the Disclosure Statement, survivors will have the opportunity to vote whether to reject or accept the Plan. Each survivor's decision as to how to vote on the Plan is THEIR OWN DECISION; the decision cannot be made for them by their attorneys. Survivors may receive ballots directly or the ballots may be received by their counsel (if they retained counsel) on their behalf.

Important Dates
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