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On April 19, 2023 the BSA Bankruptcy Plan became “effective.”  This means per the Plan a Settlement Trust was created to administer claims and the cash and other property contributed to the Settlement Trust by the BSA, Local Councils, settling insurers, and any other parties. This also includes efforts to reach resolution with non-settling organizations by agreement or litigation. The Settlement Trust will also undertake the work of addressing the claims of all Survivors.  Survivors should now refer to the Settlement Trust’s website: for information about the Settlement Trust, progress, and any questions you might have.  

Under the terms of the Plan, the Official Tort Claimants Committee was dissolved as the work it undertook has now come to an end. The nine Survivors of the TCC, all volunteers, who advocated for the rights of all Survivors for more than three years would like to thank its professionals, especially the TCC’s lead attorneys at Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones LLP, our personal attorneys, and other retained experts for their assistance.  As well, the TCC appreciates the participation of thousands of Survivors who watched the TCC Town Halls.  Your involvement and communication helped the TCC tremendously.  Above all else the TCC wants you to know that we worked tirelessly to advocate for the financial benefit of all Survivors in an extremely challenging bankruptcy process while also pushing for Youth Protection changes and an acceptable degree of Settlement Trust governance. We did our best.  

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